How To Create A Great Packaging Soap Design

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When packaging soap, you want to make sure that it is attractive to buyers and protects the soap from damage. Of course, awe-inspiring soap packaging ideas are necessary to sell your soap.

The packaging is as necessary as the soap itself for homemade soap. After all, you want to display your lovely creations in a way that will attract attention and inspire people to give them a try. So how do you go about creating an eye-catching design or soap box for your soap packaging?

There are many different ways to package soap. The type of packaging you choose will depend on the soap you are selling. This article will go through the most popular ways to package soap. Besides, here are some tips on choosing the right packaging for your business.

Here I'm sharing some unique soap wrapping ideas that you may use for giving gifts, selling, or even personal use.

Significance of Packaging Soap:

Soap packaging is an important part of any soap business, so you should take the time to create designs that will help you reach your customers. You want packaging that is attractive, professional, and easy for the customer to use.

Soap packing not only protects your soap from damage and moisture, but you can also use it for branding. Also, wrapping soap in a creative way can stand your soap apart from others.

The packaging will be the noticeable thing buyers see when they enter your store or find you online. It is important to create a packaging design that will reflect the image you want to project for your brand. You want it to be attractive and professional packaging that will catch your customers' attention.

Packing soap bar prevents it from :

  • Moisture: one of the main reasons for wrapping soap is to protect it from moisture. If your soap exposes to too much moisture, it will start to dissolve and become a mushy mess.
  • Dust: packaging soap bar can prevent dust from sticking to your product.
  • Cracking: packing soap bar can prevent your soap from cracking. Cracked bars are unsightly and difficult to sell, so wrapping your soap will help to keep it in one piece.
  • Breakage: packaging your soap can also prevent it from breaking during packaging or shipping.

Checklist for Labeling and Packaging Soap:

Packaging is an important part of any soap making business. Either you are making bath soap, bath bombs, or bar soap. It would be wonderful to create sustainable packaging to help you reach your customers.

Each soap package must include the ingredients, weight, and barcode.

List of ingredients

Soap packaging for selling or gifting should list the ingredients on the label. This is because many people have allergies to certain ingredients. You need to list all the ingredients and mention any allergens.

Adding ingredients list on soap packing is important to protect the consumer and yourself. It is better to add this information to the soap label.

  • The name of your business or brand
  • A list of ingredients used to make the soap.
  • The weight of the soap, using either metric or imperial units.
  • Your contact information on packaging that uses for selling soap. This can include a phone number, email address, or website.
ingredients on soap wrapping


Barcode labels are not required on packaging for selling soap, but they can make it easier to keep track of inventory. You may want to consider using them if you are selling many bars. Barcodes are easily available from many packaging companies, or you can create your own with a barcode generator.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the government agency that regulates soaps. They have strict guidelines for what you can include for making soaps. Soaps created as "beauty" or "skincare" products must list their ingredients on packaging and in advertisements. If you are not sure that your packaging is compliant, you can contact the FDA for more information.

Warning Labels:

If your product offers any warnings, such as "For External Use Only" or "Not Intended For Children," you must list these on the packaging. You can also use a symbol to indicate warnings on the label. The most common warning symbol is a triangle with an exclamation point in the center.

Creative Ideas for Packaging Handmade Soap

For homemade soap, you will want to use simple and easy packaging. You don't want buyers to struggle with opening the package or figuring out how to use the soap.

Wrapping soap in a creative way adds extra value to your product. When you display or sell your handmade soap at a craft show or online, people notice the packaging at first glance. So, it is important to make a good impression with your packaging.

There are many different ways to pack soap, and the type of packaging you choose will depend on what you are offering.

Paper wrapping looks more attractive

One of the simplest ways to package soap is to wrap it on paper. You can find wrapping paper at most craft stores. A huge variety of wrapping paper is available at low prices, so you can find something that fits your soap and branding.

To keep the soap safe, use acid-free packaging paper. You can also use tissue paper or wax paper. To give an elegant touch, tie a ribbon around the packaging or use a stamp to add your branding to add more decoration. You can also use packaging tape, like washi tape, to add color or pattern.

paper soap packaging

How to pack your soap in paper wrapping packaging?

You can create various packaging styles with paper. Here are some packaging ideas for your handmade soap:

Wrap the soap bar in kraft paper, and use a rubber band to hold it together. If you are packing multiple bars of soap, you can wrap them individually or create a bundle.

Do you want to add more decoration? You can wrap the soap in craft paper and tie a ribbon around it. Use a stamp or stencil on your brand or onto the packaging paper.

Mesh Bag Adds an Elegant Look

Mesh bags are a popular packaging option for soap. They add an elegant look to your product and are perfect for gift giving. Use mesh bags to pack soap made with herbs or other ingredients that need air.

You can tie a ribbon on mesh packaging bags or use packaging tape to close them. They are easy to use and give a beautiful look.

soap in mesh bag

How to pack your soap in mesh bag packaging?

It is the simplest packing for soaps. You can put your soap in the mesh bag, and you don't need any packaging material to pack soap.

Shrink wrapping:

Shrink wrapping is a packaging material that shrinks when heated. It can use for packaging soap bars and containers of liquid soap. Shrink wrapping prevents moisture from getting into packaging. It also makes packaging more attractive, as it is smooth and shiny.

Besides, shrink wrapping protects your homemade soap from dirt, fungus, and scratches. A heat gun, which you can buy at packaging companies or hardware stores, shrinks the wrap around the soap.

How to pack your soap in shrink wrap packaging?

Cut the packaging material into a square that is larger than your packaging. Make sure to leave at least about two inches of packaging material on all sides, as the packaging will shrink when heated.

Place your soap in the center of the wrapping material and enfold it up tightly. Make sure there are no gaps in the packaging, as moisture can get into it and damage the soap.

Apply heat to the packaging with a heat gun until it shrinks tightly around the soap. You can also use packaging tape to secure the packaging and look more attractive.

Creative soap packaging ideas

When it comes to soap packaging, the sky is the limit. You can be as creative as you want with your packaging. There are many creative packaging ideas for packaging handmade soap. Here are packaging tips on packaging handmade soaps:

Cardboard boxes

Make your packaging from cardboard or paper if you want to be eco-friendly. You can find packaging supplies for cardboard packaging at packaging companies and craft stores.

Create your packaging as simple or elaborate as you want; it is your preference. Wrap your soap in parchment paper or tissue paper before placing it in the cardboard box. You can also decorate the packaging with stamps, stickers, or other embellishments.

cardbox soap packaging

When selling your soap online, your creativity in presenting soap can help you stand out from your competitors. On the other hand, a soap packaging box can make the gift more attractive and personal when wrapping soap for a gift.

Fabric wrapping:

Fabric wrapping? What? Isn't it a great soap wrapping material?

Packaging soap in the fabric is a great way to protect your product and add a personal touch. Fabric is a great choice for wrapping soap because it is sturdy and wrapped in many ways. A beautifully fabric-wrapped handmade soap makes a great gift.

You will need some packaging tape to secure the fabric around the soap.

When wrapping soap in fabric, make sure to wrap it tightly so that the soap is not damaged. You can also use a ribbon or other embellishments to decorate the packaging. In addition, a wax seal adds a rustic touch to packaging and is used for packaging soap bars. Washi tape adds a lovely touch to these fabric-wrapped presents.

Organza Bag:

How about packing soap in an organza bag?

Organza bags are a great way to show off your soap. They come in many colors and sizes and are see-through, so your soap will be the star of the packaging.

It is simple to wrap your small soaps or samples of soap in tissue paper, tuck them inside an organza bag and tie it with ribbon. Organza bags are made of thin fabric and are easily available at craft stores or online.

When packing soap in an organza bag, make sure to fill the bag with enough soap so that the packaging does not look empty. You can also use tape to secure the packaging and look more attractive.

This packaging option is great for wrapping soaps as gifts because it is attractive and eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly packaging soap ideas

eco friendly soap wrapping

How about an eco-friendly packaging that will definitely stand out from the rest? Many packaging options are earth-friendly and made from recycled materials.

Recycle Paper packaging:

One of the most popular packaging materials for soap is recycled paper. You can find recycled paper wraps in many different colors and styles. In addition, recycled paper packaging is eco-friendly and used over and over again.

When choosing recycled paper packaging, make sure to choose sturdy packaging that will not easily tear. You can also decorate recycled paper packaging with stamps, stickers, or other embellishments.

recycle paper wrap

Cellophane packaging

Cellophane is an eco-friendly packaging material that can be recycled and reused. It is available in various colors and shows off your beautiful product.

This sustainable packaging material is popularly used for packaging soap and other food products.

Luxurious packaging soap Ideas

Luxurious packaging is a great way to attract customers and give them an idea of how your product is made. Luxuriously packed soap looks great at weddings or parties.

They are great party favors and personalized with your guests' names or a special message. When choosing luxurious packaging soap, make sure to choose high-quality and durable materials. You can also decorate the packaging with embellishments such as stickers, ribbons, or stamps.

Luxurious packaging makes them memorable and everlasting for special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, or Mother's Day.

Soap dish for luxurious packaging soap

One way to package your soap in a luxurious way is to place it in a beautiful soap dish. A wide variety of soap dishes is made from various materials, such as ceramic, glass, or porcelain. Soap dishes are a great way to show off your soap and add a touch of luxury to your packaging.

When choosing a soap dish for luxurious packaging, make sure to choose a material that will not damage your soap. You can also choose a soap dish in your favorite color or with a pretty design. By adding a fabric cloth or kraft paper wrapping to the soap dish, you can make it more attractive and luxurious.

Custom printed soap boxes

custom print boxes

Making personal care products and presenting them in a custom printed soap box is a great way to advertise your product. Custom box printing allows you to add your logo, text, or design to the packaging. A Custom box is also a great way to protect your soap from damage.

When you pack soap in custom printed soap boxes, make sure that the packaging is sturdy and durable. You can also use washi tape to secure packaging for a more attractive look.

Luxurious custom soap box with foil stamping and colorful twin gives an extra personal touch to the packaging.

For a luxurious and attractive way to package your soap, consider having it foil-stamped on a printed custom soap box. Foil-stamping is a gold or silver foil stamping method that adds shine to the packaging and makes it more attractive and unique.

Notes on Packaging Melt and Pour Soaps

Creating melt and pour soap is a fun and easy way to make soap. One of the challenges with making melt and pour soaps are packaging them. Beginner soap makers usually start their journey with mp soap making because it is easy to make. Besides, mp soap does not require much effort or time.

When packing melt and pour soaps, you will need to use a different type of packaging than regular soap. Mp soaps are more delicate and can easily melt in high temperatures. Therefore, you will need to use an airtight package and not allow the soap to melt.

However, mp soaps are easy to make and come in various shapes and sizes. You can find many different types of packaging that will work well for mp soaps.

Use of Plastic food wrap for packaging mp soap

Plastic packaging is a good option for packaging your soap because it is airtight and will not allow the soap to melt. It is easy to use and inexpensive. Food-grade plastic wraps are usually made from polypropylene, so they are safe to use for handmade packaging soap.

They cling tightly to the soap and will not let any moisture escape. A plastic wrap is a great option for packaging mp soaps.

Shrink wrap bags:

Shrink wrap bags are another good option for packaging mp soaps. These bags are made from plastic and shrink when heated. This type of bag is airtight and will not allow the soap to melt. They tightly wrapped around the soap and heat-sealed it to keep it from melting.

FAQs about packaging soap

1. How should I package handmade soaps?

If you are making soap or personal care products for yourself or your family, labeling and packaging them is unnecessary. However, if you are making soap to sell or give away as gifts, it is important to package your soap correctly.

There are many creative ways to package your soap. You can use various materials such as a plastic wrap, shrink wrap bags, cardboard boxes, and even tissue paper. The type of packaging you choose will depend on your budget, the amount of soap you plan to make, and your personal preference.

2. What is the most effective packaging design for soaps?

Soaps' most effective packaging design is a box with a clear window. This allows potential customers to see the soap inside and helps to sell the product. If you are looking for a more luxurious look, consider using a custom printed soap box with foil stamping.

3. How do we make your luxury soap packaging more exclusive?

If you are looking for a more luxurious way to package your soap, consider having it foil-stamped on custom printed soap boxes. Foil-stamping is a gold or silver foil stamping method that adds shine to the packaging and makes it more attractive and unique.

4. What is the importance of soap packaging in the business market?

You may already know that the packaging of soap products has a significant impact on sales. Customers are always attracted to the product with attractive, beautiful, and creative packaging. It is the soap business market's first impression of your product. When you want to make a good first impression on customers, you must make your product packaging more attractive, creative, and beautiful.


Handmade soap packaging is important to the success of any handmade soap business. By following these simple tips, you can create beautiful and creative packaging to help your business grow.

With colorful twins, ribbons, stamps, and a simple handwritten or printed message on the front of your soap package, you will have created an attractive and professional-looking soap product.

Packaging matters and this is especially true when it comes to soap. With the right packaging and a little creativity, you can create beautiful soap packages that attract customers to buy your product. So, be creative and keep creating new ways to package your soap.

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