Loofah Soaps Recipe: How To Make Homemade Loofah Soap

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For all those who are new to this dynamics of using loofah soaps. Let us enlighten you all on the many wonders of loofah soaps. But first things first, we have to let you all understand what a loofah soap is. Loofah soap bar is a type of soap that has a plant compound in it. Luffa soap has strong exfoliating properties in it. Thus if you are choosing to use a luffa soap, you can enjoy both the benefits of the cleansing of soap as well as the additional joy of exfoliation. Moreover, if you are suffering from dead skin, then all you have to do is try to exfoliate it all with the help of a DIY Loofah soap bar.

Today we have decided to help you in this regard. Let us share with you all an easy recipe with the help of which you can make your own loofah soap at home. You can not only use it for the exfoliation of your skin, but you can also get gift it to your friends and family. Thus what’s stopping you? Let your molds and soaps base get ready because things are about to get really interesting.

Loofah Soaps; What is It?

If the above one line wasn’t enough, let us discuss with you all in detail what luffa is? Luffa is the original participant of loofah soap; it is a fibrous part of luffa fruit which is a graceful part of the cucumber family. Luffa is often noticed as the remainder of the luffa fruit after everything else has been removed. Luffa is what people in their everyday normal life know as loofah. Loofah is a 100% organic material that is natural from the cradle to the grave and is free of any sort of toxin. Furthermore, it is great for skincare and thus is an active part of a number of skincare products.

Thus you can either make shower bombs, bath salt, or even a loofah soap with the help of a loofah piece.

Loofah soaps

In case you are curious about where to get this luffa, well, as it is a natural substance. You can grow it on your own in the back of your house or your kitchen garden. This way, you can make good use of homemade loofah soap and can even add it to your skincare line, such as bath products. What is the cost… it's almost free!

Perks of using Loofah Soaps

All of us are familiar with the use of loofah as a natural exfoliator because it has been used for the removal of dead skin cells for ages. Humans have been using this natural compound to remove dead skin for centuries. This signifies the concept that we can actually benefit from loofah soap for so much more than this.

Furthermore, it is something that is free of any industrial compound and thus is significant. The use of loofah soap keeps the dead skin off and helps to retain the moisture in the skin. What is left is skin that not only radiates but also glows without any rash or redness. Furthermore, loofah soap exposes the new and fresh skin cells, which is exemplary as the dry skin is able to get hold of the moisture after you have taken a shower or bath. Furthermore, natural loofah is also good for sensitive skin.

Loofah soap has also been known as a natural sponge. This is mainly because of the fact that it helps in the promotion of lather. Hence, it is a must-have item in your bath products. Therefore, whenever you are in need of a strong exfoliating compound, you need to get your hands on a loofah soap.

Recipes of Loofah Soaps

Now that we are on the topic of loofah soap let us share with you all a recipe that will actually work wonders.

You have to start it off with the use of a pouring melted soap base that has a little bit of tint and is scented as well. This is added to the slices of loofah that you previously have placed in the silicone baking cups that will act as molds. You have to make sure that you are not using the tint too much. This is because you have to see the inside of the loofah soap as it is all part of the plan and is the biggest appeal of using luffa soap.

Here is a pro tip that you need to keep in mind as well. Make sure to cut the luffa sponge in the same width as that of your molds. Do not go overboard with it.

What are the scents that you can choose from?

Well, if you are wondering about it, we can reassure you that you can choose from any essential oil that is safe for your skin and does not cause you any allergic reaction at the end of the day.

The one essential oil that we would recommend you to use is Frankincense because it satisfies the sea glass tones of the whole loofah soap bar. Frankincense is an amazing essential oil that needs to be properly used because it has wonderful skin benefits.

While we are on essential oils, how can we not mention lavender essential oil? Lavender can also be one perfect candidate for your luffa soap when DIYing it in your house.

Lavender loofah soap

Some other enjoyable choices for such matters are as follows:

  • Lemongrass
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Lemon oil
  • Clary sage
  • Tea tree oil
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary oil

But do remember one thing: choose only those essential oils that agree with your skin and those you are not allergic to. Also, choose that essential oil that agrees with all the appeal of the loofah soap bar.

Given below is an easy recipe that can be used to make a loofah soaps bar.

  • 2 and a half inch diameter loofah sponge
  • Glycerin soap base
  • Soap colorant (you can also work with a gel food color)
  • Essential oil of your choice
  • Silicone baking cups lines or round molds

Slice the loofah bar

First of all, you have to slice the loofah bar into half to one-inch thick pieces. This step majorly depends on the factor of how big you want your loofah soap to be. After carefully cutting the soap pieces, you should try to drop them in the baking cup one by one. The range is highly favorable, but you can also try to work how long bars of soap you want.

Melt and pour the glycerine base

Then you have to melt and pour the glycerine. You can try to chop up some ounces of the soap base. After this step, you can place them in a measuring cup alongside one or two drops of a colorant. Furthermore, you have to microwave this mixture.

Add colors

On the instrument, let it stay inside until all the material has melted. In case you think that the color is too dark, then you can try to add more base to it. And in another scenario, if the color of the base is light, then you can try to add more pop of color to it. Then you have to remember to keep on stirring.

Pour over the loofah

This is a very healthy activity because it sustains balance in the whole mixture. After stirring, you have to remember to stir it slowly over the loofah. You have to ensure to saturate the loofah properly so that the base mixture is settled and you do not have much of the space left the space outside.

You have to keep repeating this whole practice unless and until all the slices have been thoroughly covered. While you are refilling the measuring cup, you should try to equalize the shade of color. In case you want your loofah soap bar to have some contrasting shade, you can try to use it all in another cup where you can then mix it all up.

Easy Melt and Pour Rose Loofah Soaps to begin with?

There is no denying the fact that loofah is a substance that can actually work wonders if you are out there searching for the best products for your skincare. But it is not only good for exfoliation; it is also a remarkable soap that can be used for the purpose of callus removal and to heal the cracking skin. Thus make sure to use this one on your feet as it will help to get rid of callus and is also great for smooth skin.

Easy Melt and Pour Rose Loofah Soap

If you wonder that the one mentioned above is the only recipe for making a loofah soap, you cannot be more wrong. There are several other recipes that we will be sharing with you. Thus gear up as things are about to get really interesting.

melt and pour loofah soap

Things that you need to have

Below are some key ingredients that you need to have if you are searching for ways to craft a beautiful loofah soap bar for yourself.

  • Soap base
  • Loofah slices or natural luffa
  • Rose essential oil
  • Rose cosmetic mica powder
  • Soap mold
  • Large pyrex cup

Now we will be sharing an easy melt and pour recipe with you all.

Cut the loofah slices

First of all, you have to cut the loofah slices. Then you have to place each slice into a soap mold cavity. Make sure to keep the size of slices as favorable as you can because too much of it would be a disaster for your mold as well. In case you like your luffa soap to be a bit exposed, then you can change the shape to 1 inch.

Melt the soap base

After you are done with this step, you can move on to the next one. In this step, after you have prepared the loofah slices, you need to work your way up by melting almost one pound of soap base. You have to use a microwave for this step. Either use a microwave-safe bowl for this purpose, or you can also try to use a double boiler.

Add rose essential oil

Now you have to add at least 15 drops of rose essential oil to the mixture of melted soap. The next step involves mixing the mica powder unless and until the desired color has been achieved. You can also add more color in the pour soap base if you feel like the color is not according to your taste.

Pour the rose loofah soap base

After all this, you have to pour all the soap base inside the mold in which your loofah slices have been resting for quite a while now. Allow your base to settle inside the mold for quite some time, such as for 2 to 3 hours. But we would suggest you wait for a night before you extract out the loofah soap bar. This homemade soap will be one for the ages.

Next, you have to remove the bar from the mold; you can then safely place it inside a cool place. Also, remember that you have to keep your soap at bay from all the moisture.

In case you opt to use shea butter, you can because why not!

It will give off the perfect scent and is also amazing for body use.

Benefits of Exfoliating Loofah Soaps

If you are not sure whether you need a luffa soap, then let us make things quite easy for you. We have compiled some benefits of loofah soap, so make sure to sit tight as things as this might be good for your skin.

loofah sponge

1- Healthy and Glowing Skin

It is not only the exfoliation factor that is the best seller aspect of loofah soaps. You also need to be sure that loofah soap is good and essential for healthy and glowing skin. This is the major factor that a luffa soap is made up of 100% organic ingredients. These ingredients will keep your skin fresh and happy without any side effects.

Some of the most common ingredients that a loofah soap contains range from turmeric honey to essential oils such as lemongrass, lavender, and coconut oil. And we do not have to remind you how good such ingredients are for your skin and its integrity.

Thus do not get double-minded and get your hands on this one as it is a treat to have in your skincare regime.

2- Helps with the Blood Circulation

This has been communicated enough times that loofah soap is a good exfoliator for the skin. An exfoliation agent is good because it removes all the impurities as well as dirt and all the dead skin. In addition to all this, you also have the bonus of skin massage. This massage will help with the blood circulation in your face, and who doesn’t love that.

Loofah is an agent that is responsible for the cleaning of the skin. Thus make sure to keep your hands on a loofah soap, or if not, then you always have an option of making it at home.

3- Extremely Safe for Skin

As we have already established the fact that luffa soap is one such skincare product that is made up of 100% natural ingredients. You can try to make it or buy it from a store. If you are opting for the second option, then make sure to keep an eye on the ingredients that are listed behind the back of the pack of the luffa soap.

Get your Hands on Luffa Soap

Loofah soap is a very good thing for your skin as it gets rid of all the dead skin cells and locks all the moisture inside. This way, you are not only pampering your skin but are also removing the dirt layer that has been settled on your skin. If you are thinking of adding activated charcoal, that is also an additional favor to your loofah bar. Remember that you can also add a fragrance of your choice, but it would be good to use essential oil in your loofah slice. You can add the colors of your choice for coloring, but the natural one has its undeniable appeal.

We have even discussed with you some of the best recipes that you can work your way with for good skin health. Thus make sure to keep you updated with all this information, and do remember to thank us later!

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