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All those who are a fan of tattoos often seem to be wondering about the different types of soaps that they can get benefit from. Because let us say it out loud, you have spent both the money and time as well as sat through the pain. Thus you should never compromise on the quality of products you are using when it comes to the soap. That is when your search for high quality soap for tattoos will commence. Because a tattoo soap is the primary need of tattoo and your tattoo wound both at the beginning and the later stages of life.

A brand new tattoo wound can be a very sensitive area initially. And this is a clear indication that you have to be very cautious about how you treat it so that it does not get any worse. Thus it is not a hidden claim that you have to be as careful as you can in these matters.

This is when the use of antibacterial soap for tattoos comes into play. You cannot, and you should not use ordinary soaps rich in harsh chemicals because they will lead to skin irritation. The presence of harsh chemicals also causes the delay of the healing process, which comes very naturally to the skin. Thus we have decided to make sure that we are helpful to you in these matters. Let us not keep in mind that you continuously have to use the same soap for your tattoo. This is because there are some tattoo soaps that can be useful in such instances. Make sure to choose those antibacterial soaps for tattoos that will keep the irritated and dry skin at bay.

What is a Tattoo?

If you are living under a rock, you might not be aware of what tattoos are? And are wondering why people search for specialty soap for tattoos. Well, let us enlighten you all once and for all. A tattoo is a personal and permanent body art that individuals acquire according to their own taste and choice. It is mostly done with the help of experts who use a tattoo machine that moves super fast to inject ink deep inside the skin. Nowadays, a number of tattoo ideas are available in this context.

Not only is the process of getting a tattoo painful, but its aftercare is equally important.

tattoo on arm

Step-by-Step Process of Tattoos Aftercare

You must realize that the first two weeks after getting a tattoo are of utmost importance. Thus you have to be very careful during the initial stages because whether your tattoo will get infected or not will get decided in this first week. The next thing you need to know is that you should not use scented soap for washing your tattoo.

The Initial Bandage

This is something that starts from the very place where you are getting the tattoo. After the careful application of the tattoo, the artist will then apply a thin layer of either a jelly or a moisturizer that is specific to the tattoo. The next step is the coverage of the tattoo with a plastic wrap or a better choice: a bandage.

No matter how tempting and appealing it is to take a look at your tattoo. But make sure to keep the bandage intact and not remove it under any condition. This time duration primarily depends on the size as well as the location of the tattoo.

They have implanted the tattoo bandage to protect the skin from bacteria, sunlight, and even the rubbing of a harsh cloth or soap.

First Wash with soap for tattoos

Mainly after the span of five hours, it is safe to remove the initial bandage. What comes then is the washing of the tattoo. After properly washing the tattoo area with your hand, you can then commence with the washing with the help of a tattoo soap alongside warm water in the presence of lukewarm water.

What follows after careful washing is that the skin will wear off. This might give off a vibe that either ink or some other substance is oozing out from the tattoo. This may look concerning, but it is not that much of a concern in reality. It is just the excess liquid that has been oozing out.

After thoroughly washing the skin with a bar of antibacterial soap for the tattoo, you need to pat it with the help of a smooth towel. Let it air dry for like an hour. When you are sure that the tattoo area is completely dry, then it is a sign that you have to apply a moisturizer that suits your skin. But make sure to let your skin breathe and do not cover it for the time being.

antibacterial soap for tattoos

Week One

Most of the time, experts request to wait between a day or two before applying a moisturizer. But some might say that you should apply moisturizer after the first wash.

It is always better to stick to the advice of your tattoo artist.

During the first couple of hours and even the initial days of getting a tattoo, the skin might radiate some heat. This is because of all the healing that goes on.; it might also have a reddish appearance as well. The tattoo will start getting normal with each passing day.

One more thing that you need to know is that you have to avoid submerging the tattoo in the water. Water can have a damaging effect on your skin, especially during the first few weeks, except for the point when you are washing it with soap for tattoos.

Furthermore, the routine for getting your tattoo to wash also coincides with your environment. If you are a constant habitat of an air-conditioning office, then you don’t need to get it cleaned every day. The best practice is to wash your tattoo with a block of antibacterial soap and then pat your skin with a clean towel.

You might experience some scabs, and the ink might keep ejaculating from the wound. Do not lose hope, as it is a sign that it needs to be washed up right away with soap for tattoos.

Week Two – Wash with antibacterial soap for tattoos

Things are about to settle down in the next week, and your scabs will even start to flake off. But you still have to be extremely careful with washing, even with a bar of antibacterial soap for a tattoo. Because if you are not gentle, you can suffer from serious damage to the tattoo

You might get tempted to scratch your skin at the beginning of the second week, but do not do that. You can help your skin by putting your moisturizer in the refrigerator. This way, you might soothe your inflamed skin.

Week Three and afterward

This is where your patience level of yours will be gravely put to the test. It is not in the tattoo artist shop that you have to put on an act of bravery. The healing process at this stage gets really slow and requires a long period.

All the scabs on the tattoo wound, even with all the soap for tattoos washing, could look dry and dull. That is when the application of the moisturizer comes into play. You also have to protect your new tattoo from the sun.

The good news for you here is that the outer layer is really safe. It gets completely healed by the end of week 3. But the inner layers are really sensitive and thus require more patience and time as well as care.

But after the healing of the outer layer, the chance of infections is meager. This is to specify that you can leave the wound open, and bacteria won’t manifest on it. This does not mean that you do not have to take care of it as you have to apply sunscreen and all the other things to it. And we do hope that you are aware of using antibacterial soap for tattoos.

How to wash with soap for tattoos

Most of the time, it is not the process of getting a tattoo that is scary but how you will take care of it. The first wash after getting a tattoo is always feared by the masses. Because let us all admit that regardless of how cool it looks, getting a tattoo is a painful procedure. Your tattooist might suggest some aftercare tips that also include soaps for tattoos. These directions vary from individual to individual.

washing with tattoo soap

Let us shed light on some of the key tips that can be a general guiding rule in these instances. So, here we go!

Step 1

First of all, you have to remove the protective film or bandage that your tattoo artist has planted on your tattoo area. The plasma and all the dried blood are stuck with the protective film and thus need to be removed.

Step 2

The next step involves you using warm or lukewarm water to wash the area of your skin so that you can quickly get rid of all the junk from your skin.

Step 3

Then, you have to grab an antibacterial soap for tattoos or a washing gel that agree with your skin. Rub the surface of your skin with the help of that one. Keep repeating until the area is thoroughly cleaned.

Step 4

Avoid aggressive rubbing of your skin. Gently pat the area with the help of a suitable cloth piece that is not too harsh on the skin. You should not under any circumstance use towels because they might cause irritation or redness of the skin. Avoid using towels because they might interfere with the dried-up skin or accumulated area and create a messy situation.

Step 5

Then you should make use of some ointment. Apply a good ointment, one that is suitable according to your skin type. This step ensures that the wound is given enough time to heal. Some tattoo artists might tempt you to dry heal your tattoo wound. During the dry healing of the wound, one avoids the use of lotions, gels, or ointments altogether.

Step 6

Then you have to repeat these steps in the same order of one to five a couple of times a day until and unless your tattoo seizes the production of plasma.

Best Antibacterial Soap for Tattoos

For all those who are wondering about the best tattoo soaps, this guide will surely help you in this regard. Given below is a list of soaps for tattoos that have a good reputation in the market and can surely help you in the matters of personal hygiene.

Dr. Bonners – Organic Soap for Tattoos

This one is for all those searching for an organic soap that can seize the day. It is also beneficial for getting rid of any irritation caused by tattoos. Dr. Bronner soap for tattoos is a deep cleansing soap that matches both the requirements of skincare and the need for a good product for hygiene. This is what you can say is the best soap for tattoos.

One of the best products from their lineup is unscented Castile baby bar soap which has a high reputation for its use among pets, babies, and other household cleanings. Among its various and diverse uses, it is also suitable for cleaning new tattoos.

But you have to be careful in its use of these soaps. You have to properly dilute it after some time because otherwise, you might expect the occurrence of dry skin. It is not that it does not have essential oils because it does, and the presence of essential oils might dry out the tattoo. But if you are not mindful enough, then you might have to deal with a tattoo that gets dry easily.

Tattoo Med – pH balanced soap for tattoos

Another material that scores high in the matter of cleaning the tattoo is the pH balanced and highly cleansing gel formula of the tattoo’s med. Its hypoallergenic properties are what make it great for soothing, cooling, and moisturizing the tattooed skin. In addition to all this, this gel formula is also foamy. And we do not have to advocate how good foamy materials are because with the help of all this, you can rub the area properly, which is an added bonus.

Last but not least, this product is a 100% vegan one, and the whole process ensures that no animals were harmed during the process.

H2Ocean – Natural and Organic soap for tattoos

This product is enriched with the gorgeous aloe vera, which has a stunning reputation in the medical and skincare community. It is one of the good ingredients that are equal parts organic and natural. Neither will it cause damage to your skin nor dry it. Furthermore, you can also use this tattoo soap more than once a day. Moreover, the customers have also reviewed that it is also easy to rinse it off because it is a good unscented antibacterial soap for tattoos and is an antimicrobial soap. But in special and sensitive scenarios, if your fresh tattoo is still hurting, then you might avoid too much use of this one.

Dove Sensitive Skin

You might have already heard it and used it as well; dove body wash and sensitive skin soap are simply the best tattoo soap. It hails from a soap brand that is globally available and is highly reputable as well. Thus, you should be sure to use his one because it properly moisturizes your skin. It can also further be used for two more purposes; tattoo washes and tattoo healing.

One thing that you have to be mindful of is that all the dove soaps look just like each other in the market, but you only have to buy the sensitive one because of your tattooed area.


If you have a tattoo on oily skin, you might be looking at other ways to work with your cleaning agents around. Because let us just say this out loud no one wants to worry about their tattoo’s ink oil getting leaked or spread out. That is when a gentle cleanser that can efficiently remove all the excess oil out as well as the dead skin cells can come to play the right role in the picture. In addition to all this, it won’t also cause skin irritation or dehydration on the skin.

This fragrance-free product is also a non-comedogenic, sulfate-free formula that can easily be used for tattoos. Furthermore, it is also a proven medicated lotion soap.


We hope that we are somewhat helpful in your journey towards tattoo aftercare and the right soap for tattoos.

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