Reasons Why Organic Soap Is Better Than Regular Soap

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There is no shadow of doubt regarding the fact that people of the twenty-first century are more aware of their health and well-being and the things that maintain them. In addition to all this, there has also been a sustainable lifestyle trend. A sustainable lifestyle means the use of those materials which are organic from their origin to their decomposition. This lifestyle encompasses various things. It also includes holistic exercises and nutrition regimes that include eating nothing but green foods. It also caters for individuals to adopt a personal diet plan. All of this culminated under a proactive approach that ensures that the body is getting the treatment it deserves. You can also include it in this journey by opting for the right skincare products for your body. Organic soap is one such thing that you need to do right.

organic soap

Several scientific types of research have concluded that toxins and harsh chemicals are dangerous for the body. Our skin absorbs these toxins where they can suck out all the moisture. Skin is the largest organ of the body. Thus, it suffers the most from what we tend to apply to this organ. Everyone should make some quality lifestyle choices starting from drinking purified water and then extending to using the right skincare products such as body lotions creams. But all these substances available in a bar of commercial soap boost some hard chemicals that, rather than locking all the moisture sucks it out from there.

We tend to ignore this because the results are not that significant in the first go. But in the later years, you might suffer from skin that is irreversible now to change.

Thus you should be aware of what you are subjecting your skin to.

Organic Soap VS Regular Soap: The Debate

For all those of you who are not one with this definition, organic soaps are those soap products that are natural in their chemical makeup or, what one can say, organic in nature. Organic soaps are nothing like your store-bought materials because they are made up of those materials or ingredients that are either part of nature or are derived from living organisms. Living organisms in this context are plant-based. Furthermore is mostly handmade soap that any local soap company produces in small batches. And yes, a bar of organic soap is a bar of real soap.

The main deciding factor in the soap that you should buy lies primarily in the manufacturing company’s name. All the beauty soaps found in the market either have harsh chemicals or those compounds that are seriously damaging for your skin. Some antibacterial soaps also fall under the definition of all this.

But if we are to talk about organic or natural soap, they contain non-synthetic ingredients that are 100% natural. Such as they would consist of essential oils, natural dyes, natural fats, plant-derived base oils. Thus, if you have finally decided to use organic soap for your skin, this decision is one of the best. Gear up as we discuss the healthy skin benefits of using organic natural soap.

Organic soap is healthy

Let us say it to keep it in your mind for a longer time. The natural materials that are part of these natural soaps help lock the moisture inside the skin. These organic and plant-based materials are also good cleansers for your skin. On the contrary, if we are to debate about the mass-produced soaps.

They contain all the given below ingredients such as:

  • Petroleum-based Lathering agents
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Harsh dyes
  • Colouring agents

In addition to all these compounds above, these regular soaps are also rich in

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Triclosan

You have to know about these compounds that they are extremely dangerous for the skin. They cause serious allergies to cause hormonal imbalances and subject you to skin cancers.

But if you are opting for organic soap, you are doing yourself a favor. These are made up of organic compounds, and nature means no harm. Thus it is highly beneficial for the skin.

They offer a variety.

The best thing about using an organic natural soap is that you are free to choose from various soaps. Organic soaps are made in the local shops on a small scale. And thus, they can experiment as much as they can. They come with a wide range of varieties and options that you can choose from at the end of the day. This is easily the best thing about these organic soaps.

The choices are unlimited, from different colors to size, texture, and fragrances. You can even enjoy a coffee one, and you can also customize a peppermint one. The fragrance can range from lemongrass to lavender. A bar of organic soap can be grainy to touch, or it can be a smooth one.

The point that we are trying to present here is that when it comes to organic soap, you can choose from many things in the matter of choice. You can properly research the one ingredient that agrees with you, and thus after buying that organic soap, you can enjoy its perks.

Cruelty-free and Animal Friendly

If you are among those that hate animal cruelty, then the good news for you is that organic soaps are 100% free of any animal cruelty. The quality is not compromised from the production process design to the end product, and no animals were harmed. For example, the fat used in regular soaps is mostly animal fats. On the contrary, the organic compounds comprise botanical herbs and extracts that can achieve what is best for you.

During the manufacturing process of organic soap, coconut or almond oil can act as base oil. Then various other essential oils are mixed up. These essential oils can get extracted both from the plants and their flowers, fruits, and spices.

We would be lying if we said that organic natural soaps do not use artificial ingredients such as lard or tallow. If you intend to avoid them, you can read them on the label. Furthermore, these compounds do not contain a long range of chemicals, and thus there are no pesticides. Thus there is no responsibility to test them on animals. And that is how the factor of cruelty-free is justified. Therefore, all those worried that these natural soaps are tested on animals can take a sigh of relief.

They are environmentally sound.

The thing about regular and mass-produced soaps is that they have synthetic and harsh ingredients. The presence of these synthetic materials makes these soaps a wrong choice both for your skin and the environment. On the other hand, we have organic soaps made up of natural ingredients. These materials are organic and natural and thus not alarming for the environment. Thus, if you dispose of them in the environment, they will gladly decompose.

The sustainability quotient of these organic soaps is also commendable as they are from this same habitat, and thus, decomposition comes easily for them.

organic natural soap

The regular soaps are made up of all those chemical compounds. These are not only bad for your skin but are also derogatory for the marine ecosystem. The pesticides and other harmful chemicals present in those chemicals are strictly lethal for life residing in soil and water. That is why organic soaps are always a safe option, as they are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Organic soap is rich in antioxidants.

The chemicals and their presence make it difficult for the soap to provide antibacterial properties when it comes to regular soaps. But on the contrary, organic soap restores all the antibacterial properties because of the natural content of the soap.

Why do you think antibacterial properties are important for the skin. This is primarily because antioxidants help in repairing the skin. They also provide their properties in catering for the inflammation and aids in making the skin look young and fresh.

Because of these antioxidants and their presence, the skin not only heals from all the pollutants but is also finally able to breathe. Furthermore, the pH of natural compounds lies somewhere between 9 and 10. This pH profile means that these compounds are gentle on the skin and thus will not cause any irritation.

They are high in glycerin.

One of the main ingredients of organic soaps is rich in glycerine. We can define glycerine as a natural attractor for water and alcohol. Worldwide it is also known as glycerol. It is also memorable in the skincare products industry because it boasts spectacular cleansing properties. Furthermore, it is also a great moisturizer for the skin. Glycerine has been serving this very purpose for the past centuries.

According to various scientific researchers, glycerine has been discovered to help ease skin diseases. Against all the environmental pollutants and irritants, glycerine can also help with the skin’s texture. It also helps in locking the moisture inside the pores of the skin. You do not have to worry if you have sensitive skin because glycerine has some gentle and soothing qualities that benefit your skin.

If we talk about the regular soaps, they are made to get rid of all the glycerine. It is occasionally preserved as a significant ingredient. Although the presence of glycerine is what makes these organic soaps a bit costly, it is all worthy of the price. Because when it comes to skin and its moisturizing capacity, glycerine can surely set the bar high. Glycerine can also protect your skin against the everyday damage that the sun can cause.

They have no preservatives.

It is not a hidden thing now that regular soaps come with many added preservatives. Preservatives are mostly those compounds that increase the shelf life of the soap. But these preservatives are also those chemicals whose addition can cause severe issues to the skin. From causing skin irritation to sucking out all of the moisture, the results of the use of these materials can be pretty damaging.

On the other hand, organic soap does not have any such things. They do not contain any such materials, so they are not subjected to artificial methods to prolong their shelf life. They have natural antibacterial properties.

The thing about mass-produced and regular soaps is that they boost a number of the given below materials such as

  • Triclosan
  • Sulfates
  • Paraben

And some other types of harmful substances. These chemicals can cause serious repercussions such as hormonal imbalances, agitation of hormones, high risk of cancers, and serious effects on the reproductive system.

organic soap has no preservatives

Organic natural soaps boost antibacterial properties due to their natural and plant-based origin. The presence of essential oils such as lavender essential oil, peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree all boosts serious antibacterial properties that are equal parts natural and long-lasting.

If you are lucky, you can also come across that conventional soap bar that has shea butter or citrus in it. Shea butter is an organic ingredient that is mostly a part of your natural homemade soap. Sometimes bar soap also has rosemary extract and activated charcoal in them.

They also provide aromatherapy to the one who is using it. It also adds up to the therapeutic fragrance of the oil, so bonus there as well.

Organic soap has healing properties, too!

This has been said a million times in the above paragraphs, but rest assured because all of this is true. Because of natural ingredients, organic natural soaps can boost healing properties. The organic compounds present in these soaps in abundance are spices, plants, and some herbs essences.

The whole soap-making process ensures that your soap contains nothing but organic materials. This castile soap might also have olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, or aloe vera. Furthermore, a bar of organic soap is mostly homemade soap. It lacks synthetic fragrance and thus does not harm the skin.

From cleansing the skin to moisturizing it, organic soaps do all the necessary things for the hydration of the skin profile. In addition to all this, these ingredients can also aid in serious skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and serious cases of sunburn.

Thus make sure to take a break from all that artificial stuff, and why don’t you try to invest more in these types of organic soaps. They are what you need to retain the moisture inside the skin. Moreover, they are equal parts healing and cleansing your skin; what else do you need.

They are helpful in the economy.

As local companies and people manufacture organic natural soaps, they are a great way to boost its economy. That is why if you are deciding to support the economy on a national scale, you should opt-out for such organic soap and their purchase. This way, all the cash stays in the circle and circulates in the community. You can easily support these local businesses, and if you want, you can also invest in them.

On the contrary, regular soaps are the by-products of large companies that have had an established reputation in the market for the past some time; thus, whether you buy them or not, it’s not going to hurt their reputation.

Why do you need to try organic soap?

all natural organic soap and brush

If you are thinking about investing in organic soaps, then we can assure you that you are making the right choice at the moment. It is a long-term investment and one that your skin depends on. As the skin is the body’s largest organ, it demands utmost care and protection. Therefore, if you are using pure organic compounds, you are giving yourself a favor.

They will suck out all the toxins from your skin. The absence of these toxins and the presence of organic oils will greatly affect your skin. It will sit greatly with your skin type, whether you have dry skin or sensitive skin. Thus make sure to DIY your organic soap or buy it from a local retail shop; the choice is purely yours.

You can also customize at home some other bath products such as a body wash, bath bombs, bath salts, a liquid soap, a handcrafted soap, or a soap bar that has natural oils as well as a fragrance oil of your choice. Then you have to research whether these handcrafted soaps demand a hot process or cold one.

organic glycerin soap base for homemade cosmetics

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