How To Make Raw Black African Soap

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Shea butter with shea product and nuts

African black soap is all the latest rage of the 21st century. In these times, beauty and skincare products are making headlines for all the right reasons. Raw black African soap is the natural remedy to all the skin problems of this dynamic century, and that too is a comprehensive one.

Hailed as the ultimate answers to several skin issues such as:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Breakouts
  • Blemishes
  • Acne

It is what people need, especially those who have a strict and sworn by budget for their makeup essentials. Well, who isn’t interested in buying one solution to all your problems. Well, I can vouch that I am, and I can also vouch that you are also.

Furthermore, raw black African soap is nothing like your store brought and synthetic soaps. These soaps can damage your skin pores and make your skin more vulnerable. Shea moisture African soap is made up of plant-based ingredients that are equal parts organic and natural. And thus are safe for use for all skin tones.

Ways you can use Raw Black African Soap…

You can make good use of this soap by using them for skin care and body wash. Traditional African black soap can rectify several skin conditions such as oily skin, dry skin, acne scar, troubled skin, skin irritation, and dark spots. The use of this soap protects the natural oils that are a must for your skin.

In addition to keeping the moisture locked, it also gets rid of all the excess oil present in the skin. It is made up of natural ingredients, is rich in vitamin E, and thus is a good candidate for smooth skin. Unrefined shea butter is one such natural ingredient that is a must-have of this soap.

Some other organic compounds such as cocoa pod powder, cocoa pod ash, and cocoa butter are also part of this product. You can also use this pour soap base for bath bombs.

You can use this raw black soap to improve the skin texture as well as skin tone. Or you can use this west African soap with olive oil to tackle the issue of dry skin. If you are not convinced yet and need further cause or reason to assist the advocacy, we will provide you with all the right reasons.

How to Make Raw Black African Soap?

Below is the recipe that will prove helpful if you are about to take your skincare into your own hands.

So, sit tight as things are about to get interesting here.

You have to start with taking the following ingredients in the suggested ratios. Mix a quart of oil by taking it into account:

  • 1 cup of each; Shea butter, Olive oil, Coconut oil
  • Half cup of sunflower oil
  • And avocado oil as much as you like.

You have to melt the shea butter in warm oil to make sure that it mixes well with the whole concept of oils. You will need a handful of this mixture, so do not haste in making a lot of it. Thus stay tuned for African black soap benefits. As it is something that you didn’t know you needed.

Let us get the ball rolling!

Raw Black African Soap Benefits:

As we have established the case before that, you have to add raw black African soap to your skincare routine. Now is time to provide you with enough evidence to support the case.

The next step is that you have to wear gloves and eye protection. With the help of these PPE’s, fill up a stainless steel stock about half with a lye mixture. Then heat the stove on medium-low. The sop mixture will get a dark tan, and the flecks will also be black.

Keep on adding a sufficient amount of oil inside, stir well. You have to stir very well until the mixture gets all creamy and thick. On the edge or the bottom of the pot, there will be some solid soap base that will start to appear. Whenever you see that it is an indication that you have to pour this liquid mixture into molds.

In case you have made a thick mixture, then you have to press the molds well. Once you are done with this, cover this mold with wax paper and give it a day or two.

Then, until the soap is semi-solid, cut them into the shape of bars. Then you have to wait for them to get cured for a week or two.

1- Raw Black African Soap Bar is Antibacterial

As it is a plant-based soap thus, it is laced with antibacterial agenda that is common in natural compounds; it exudes the same properties. Yet it is also proven that it sometimes beats the natural and bacterial cleansers. Do not for one second think that because it is this strength full, it is not the right candidate for the sensitive body parts. Because it is. It is the best thing to use on your face, hands, feet, or even your other body parts.

2- Raw Black African Soap: One for All Skin Types

People already have some idea about this thing. That if they have dry skin or sensitive skin, then the use of those products which have a high fragrance load is forbidden. It is a crucial statement for us to make here that the use of raw black African soap is justified as it is free from any disturbing scents. All you have to do is make sure that the products are labeled unscented.

In addition, those people who have oily or open-pored skin need not be worried about using raw black African soap. It will not disregard your skin of the natural oil and moisture. Rather it keeps it locked up inside the skin so that skin is not dry or faulty.

It is a Moisturizing Compound

5- Raw Black African Soap Eases Up the Irritation

Some of the common skin issues such as

  • Eczema
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Skin allergies

The rashes that are caused by these skin problems can be reversed with the help of a raw black African soap bar. But you should use that one which has oatmeal added to it.

6- Prospects of being Anti-inflammatory

Free radicals are highly damaging for the skin as they attack the natural layers and combinations. The raw black African soap is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants fight off against these radicals and help maintain the natural ecosystem of the skin.

People who have an anti-inflammatory disease such as rosacea can get the best results with the help of this organic soap.

7- African Black Soap Fights off Acne

The constant stretch on the properties of raw black African soap is mostly because of its shea butter content. The shea moisture African black soap restores and balances the natural layers of the skin, and its antimicrobial activities are also one for the books. Thus it also helps with the restorations of the originality and clears off the acne.

8- Reduction of Fine Lines

The pollutants and all the other contaminants that are present in the air all account for the loss of collagen from the skin. But the shea butter and its presence in the raw black African soap restores the loss and constitutes a new one.

This soap exhibits a rough texture which then leads to the plump up of the wrinkles and then aids towards the disappearing of these lines as well.

9- Protects against Photoaging

Exposure to the sun's rays can lead and speed up the whole process of aging. Over time the sun causes the skin to age faster. The use of this raw black African soap can come to the aid as it soothes it up and reduces the speed of aging.

10- Improvement of Skin

Yes, it is true that the presence of differentiated compounds makes up for the glistening results of this soap. But the rawness of it is what takes the lead. Raw black African soap is one thing that encourages the skin to restore its originality so that it does not lose its natural form.

It acts as an exfoliating agent, gets rid of the locked pollutants, and lets the moisture gets absorbed.

Black African Soap is gentle on skin

11- Prevention of Razor Burn and Rashes

There is no doubt on the aspect that exfoliation is one of the key things one has to do to improve their skin after the following things:

  • shaving
  • waxing
  • other methods for hair removal.

Exfoliating is what will keep the skin happy and healthy. It will help with the removal of all the dead skin cells before they cause your skin to get clogged. The moisture that is a part of raw African black soap will hydrate your skin properly, and thus you do not have to sweat about the consequences of all the lumps or bumps alongside the skin after a severe case of razor burn.

12- Reduction of the Hyperpigmentation

All the acne scarring and sun damage can cause a serious case of hyperpigmentation. This is when raw African black soap not only soothes but also prevents the skin from further damage. Thus if your skin has been a victim of hyperpigmentation, then all you have to do is keep an eye and stock of raw African black soap in your house. This soap is what will come to your rescue during the hour of the need.

Raw Black African Soap Benefits; What are the Prime Catalysts

They say it all lies in the ingredients, and that is when and where raw black African soap has hit the ball out of the park. This soap is a clever and stable balance of all the following ingredients, and that is what makes it something that you need to use today. Let us have a look at what is present in this soap:

  1. Cocoa pods
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Palm tree leaf derivates that also accounts for palm kernel oil and palm oil
  4. Plantain bark that is rich in iron as well as in other vitamins such as A and E
  5. Sea butter

What's important here is that you have to understand the range of ingredients of this soap depends primarily on the region of Africa that it originates from. Such as plantains are those substances that are present in large amounts of central and western Africa but are absent in eastern Africa.

In addition to all this, you might also come across raw African black soap that has the added benefits of eucalyptus. This is something that will enhance the relaxation process two folds. Sometimes you might also encounter an African black soap that has the extra benefits of oatmeal or aloe vera.

How Can you Use Raw Black African Soap?

The texture of a raw African black soap is tough and rough. This is what makes it one of the best candidates for exfoliation, which will then enhance the removal of dead skin from the skin. This is what will help you to get rid of all the dead skin cells from the skin and will let your skin breathe. Proper exfoliation will help to smooth out the skin. Thus make sure to use this soap bar before you go out to use a regular cleanser.

Pull up a bit of soap from the whole bar, and then rub it between your hands with the help of water. In other cases, if you are more interested in using a liquid cleanser, then we would say that you should make use of the soap by dissolving them in water.

There is no harm in using the soap directly to your face, but the key here is that you have to be extremely gentle in the whole process. The rough texture of the raw black African soap is already intimidating, and thus you do not have to be strict with its use on the skin.

Do not…

Under any circumstance use it harshly; otherwise, you might encounter rashes on the skin. Try rubbing the soap bar on a washcloth first, and then you can use it easily for your skin rashes. It will gently cleanse the skin properly, and you will also get to use the best of shea moisture African black soap.

soap in a washcloth

Whatever is the method of your choice, all you have to do is rinse the soap first with the help of lukewarm water and after use as well.

After the use of this raw African soap, you have to use a moisturizer on the skin while it is damp. With the help of this, your skin will retain all the hydration.

Customization of the Raw Black African Soap

A common thing that most of the public has reported is that these types of soaps are occasionally drying. There is a way to cope up with this issue so that you can make it suitable for your skin type.

In order to make it a perfect thing for your skin, you can try the following:

First of all, you have to tear off a small chunk of your raw black African soap. Then place that piece inside a bowl for further use. With a spoon or fork, you can break that off into little pieces.

Then take one to two teaspoons of raw honey and mix it well with the soap chunks.

Now stir the mixture until the result is a black soap paste that has the tempting essence of honey in it. If you need it, then you can add more honey to the mixture, but we will suggest you the aforementioned amount.

Guidelines and How You Can Use Them Properly

In case you are a newcomer to all this stuff, do not use this soap for too long and too many times in a week. Develop a habit of using it in a refined manner and let your skin breathe alongside the road. After that, you have constructed a habit of using this soap you can add it to your daily skincare routine.

If you are allergic to any soaps and or your skin accounts for rashes after first use, even when you are not scrubbing your skin, kindly avoid the use and consult your doctor in such instances.

Among the many African black soap benefits, one thing that is quite pertinent is that it is a natural soap. And thus, our skins that are not accustomed to the use of raw or natural products can procure serious reactions. This soap thus can irritate your skin and can cause breakage. Other side effects are stinging or burning.

The use of this soap should not be aggressive on the skin as it will cause serious repercussions. You can try using it in circular motions, and remember you have to be very gentle with your skin. As we have suggested above, one of the best ways to use this raw African black soap is that you should use it with lukewarm water and with the help of a washcloth. This is the best possible way to use this soap as this way you can prevent your skin from all the breakages and why not!

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