How To Make Vanilla Essential Oils For Soap

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Vanilla is one of the most common yet complex and sweet flavors and fragrances. But do you know that vanilla essential oils are highly beneficial for your skin and internal health? If you like the warm and comfortable fragrance of vanilla and you want to know how you can make vanilla essential oils for soap at home, this article is for you.

Because today we will talk about how to make vanilla essential oils for soap. You can make vanilla oil a part of your routine and take advantage of its amazingly magical properties. So, let’s dive into vanilla haven without wasting any minute.

Vanilla Oil

What are Vanilla Essential Oils, And are they Expensive?

Essentials oils are formed from plants and herbs, with various medicinal and skin benefits. Vanilla essential oils have various essential oils and absolutes that make them powerful and extremely beneficial. You can use the oils in soaps, fragrances, and body lotions.

However, they are extremely pricey, so buying organic/ pure vanilla pods with real vanilla beans is better. And you can use them to make your own vanilla essential oils infused with several carrier oils by putting in some effort and patiently waiting for the results.

Can You Use Distillation Methods for Vanilla Essential Oils For Soap?

The distillation method is one of the people's most common queries about essential oil formation. And even though there are several distillation methods for forming essential oils, including steam distillation, expeller pressing, and cold pressing, nothing will work if you want to release the aroma.

If you want to release the fragrance of vanilla beans in case you make vanilla essential oils, you will need a rose or jasmine solvent/ absolute. The important thing about absolute is that they are plant-based oils prepared after heat treatment.

Essential oil with jasmine flower and vanilla

What are the Materials You Need to Make Vanilla Essential Oils?

We have discussed vanilla essential oils and answered a few questions about them. Let's talk about the materials you need to make vanilla oil at home. Most of the ingredients that we will talk about must be in your kitchen; however, there might be a few things like some carrier oils that you can purchase from the market.

And we assure you that by using these ingredients, you will make amazing vanilla essential oils for your soap. So, the material you require to prepare the amazing oil is,

  • 6 – 8 Vanilla Beans (preferably large)
  • 20 Ounces of Carrier Organic Oils (Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lavender Oil, and Sunflower Oil)
  • Boiler
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Mason Jars/ Jugs/ Bowls
  • Cheesecloth
  • Dark-Colored Storage Bottles (tight lids)
  • Stove
  • Knife
  • Pan

What is the Best Method for Making Vanilla Essential Oils? – Cold Infusion

The first method that we will tell you is called the cold infusion vanilla essential oils method. This method requires no stove, so there are no chances of burning yourself; however, it is a bit slow.

You will have to be very patient throughout the process because it will take your time. And you might be able to use it after three weeks. But we assure you that you will be happy with the results, so without further ado, let's get into it.

Take Clear Mason Jars

The first step is to take clear Mason jars/ bowls/ jugs. No matter what you use in this cold infusion vanilla essential oils method, it must have a tight lid so that you can close it properly. Another thing that you need to take care of is that whatever you choose must be clear or transparent. This will help you see changes in your concoction.

Add Vanilla Beans and Carrier Oils

Now it is time for you to add your favorite carrier oils to the clear and sterilized jar you've selected. If you go with our suggestion, you can use jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, lavender oil, etc.

The amount of carrier oils you need to add to the concoction depends on the quantity of vanilla essential oils you want to make. But we suggest you add 16 to 20 ounces.

Now it is time for you to thinly slice 5 – 6 vanilla pods using a sharp knife. And add them to the mix of oils. Please do this step here fully; otherwise, you will end up harming yourself with the knife. And don't waste anything and for that, try scrapping vanilla beans properly.

fresh vanilla pods

Shake Everything Well

Once you add all these things to the jar, it's time for you to shake everything by using a wooden spoon or a stirrer. It is extremely important to mix all the ingredients well because the goal is to cover the added vanilla beans.

Close the Jars and Keep them in the Sun

After mixing everything well, you will tightly close the lid of the Mason jar or jug you used in the procedure. Sometimes people don't do this step with the care it needs and don't get good results. So, make sure that you close the lid and protect your concoction.

You will then label the jar for you or anyone in your house to know that it is vanilla oil. And the last big step is to keep the jar in a sunny window or outdoors where no one can damage it.

You must have to keep it in the sun to break down and melt all the oils together. It will take around 3 to 6 weeks, and that's where your patients will get tested.

Use a Cheesecloth to Separate the Liquid

After around 1- 2 months, you will take the concoction jar. Separate the liquid portion of it to use in the soap you want to make. And that is basically the straining process which requires a cheesecloth.

If you are flaky or if it is difficult for you to maintain balance while doing such things, you can do a little trick so that you don't accidentally spill anything. Because that would be the last thing you want after waiting for 2 months for your vanilla essential oils.

You can use the cheesecloth and cover the jar opening with it after removing the lid. And then, use a rubber band to keep the cheesecloth in place.

Squeeze Essential Oil and Discard the Vanilla Pods

You will then strain the vanilla essential oils into a nice clean jar. Do it in a way that the vanilla pods will stay on top of the cheese clothes that you can properly squeeze to avoid wasting anything. After squeezing, you can remove the pods and tightly close the jar.

Shift Vanilla Essential Oil to the Storage Bottles/ Jars

One important thing that we want to share is to use dark-colored storage bottles. Such bottles do not allow UV lights because they can impact your vanilla essential oils. You will use dark-colored storage bottles to keep them in the dark and cold place.

You can then use that essential oil while you're making soap or anything else like cleansers or perfumes. But make sure to close the lid tightly after using it.

Vanilla With Bottle Of Essential Oil And Powder

What is the Best Method for Making Vanilla Essential Oils? – Hot Infusion

Earlier, we talked about how you can make vanilla essential oils using the cold infusion method. But, you can try this very simple hot infusion method if you do not want to wait that long. This method is super-fast and requires no waiting.

However, it will require the use of the stove. And if you're not good with that, you should stick to the cold infusion method because we don't want you to hurt yourself. So, let's get into the process and tell you how to do it step by step.

Boil Water on the Stove

The first thing you will require is a boiler that you will put on the stove. Keep the flame low and fill half of it with water. After adding the water, you will let it boil for some time. You can also keep the flame high if you want the water to boil quickly.

After you see bubbles in the water, it's time for you to put a pan on top of the simmering water. The only thing you need to take care of is that no pets and kids are allowed.

Add Vanilla Pods

You will then have to thinly cut and slice the vanilla pods. Put them in the pan while the water continues to heat. Make sure that you cut ½ inches slices so that they get easily covered in oil later.

Add the Carrier Oil

After adding the vanilla pods to the pan, it's time for you to add the carrier oils you like, just as we told you in the cold infusion method. You can use several oils with amazing skin benefits because you want to add these vanilla essential oils to your soap later. So, try using coconut oil, rosemary oil, sunflower oil, or even Tonka oil and add them to the vanilla pod pan.

Mix and Heat the Concoction

After you add everything, it's time for you to grab a wooden spoon and mix all the ingredients. Keep stirring with the wooden spoon but don't make it too fast. You might spill hot oil on yourself. Also, wear protective clothing while doing this step.

You will have to let everything heat for at least 3 – 4 hours but make sure that the flame is low. And once everything is ready, you can turn off the flame and move to the next step.

Strain the Liquid

Now it is time to strain with a cheesecloth into a clear jar. But before doing that, you will have to let the concoction cool down. The reason is that the vanilla ports and other materials that will stay on top of the cheese clothes need to be squished properly to extract every single drop of vanilla essential oils.

Store Vanilla Oil in a Dark and Cool Place

The last step is to shift the vanilla essential oils to a dark-colored jar. Tightly cover it with a lid, and keep them stored in a dark and cool place. The idea is not to let the sunlight/ UV rays enter the jar.

soap with vanilla oil

Vanilla Essential Oil Benefits

Now that we have shared our method to make vanilla essential oils for soap, it is time for us to discuss the advantages of using vanilla oils. Vanilla essential oil benefits are extensive, including hair and skin health promotion, mutation reduction, depression treatment, etc. Let’s get into the detail of vanilla essential oil benefits and understand why you need to make it.

Powerful Anti-bacterial

Most of the skin issues that we have, like acne or blisters and even tiny spots that make the overall skin look dull and impact a person's confidence, are bacterial attacks. And when you use beauty soaps or cleansers without any anti-bacterial properties fail to help make your skin better and clear.

However, you can make soaps with vanilla essential oils as it has anti-bacterial properties, and use them every day to make your skin acne-free all seasons. Instead of using synthetic products with hundreds and thousands of harmful chemicals, you can make your vanilla essentials oils and use the organic product for your skin benefit.

Great Antioxidant

Oxidants are the real culprits behind many skin issues that you can resolve easily with the help of a good antioxidant. And that, in your case, can be vanilla essentials oils. You can use our recipe to make them for your skin to get that added glow and repair dead skin cells.

Oxidants can cause skin inflammation and break collagen, resulting in aging, loose skin, wrinkles, and acne breakouts. So, you can use naturally powerful antioxidants like vanilla oils to treat such problems.

Natural Aphrodisiac

People with reproductive issues and impotence can use vanilla oil in their diet for such dysfunctions. Vanilla essential oils have boosting powers that can promote the production of certain hormones like estrogen and testosterone and can even treat loss of libido.

Antimutagenic Properties

Did you know that vanilla essential oils have antimutagenic properties? The anti-cancerous properties make it a natural cancer treatment that removes the problem before it gets too serious. The main property of vanillin is that it's an antioxidant which means it won't let any free radicals grow and destroy them before they cause any mutation.

Free radicals can destroy the DNA and cause cancer and so many other health issues, so you can use vanilla oils to destroy them. You can use this organic cancer killer and suggest it to the close ones who are suffering from these issues.

Moisture Retention

No matter what product you use on yourself, you must keep your skin moisturized because otherwise, you will end up having fine lines and wrinkles that no one wants. Even people with oily skin need to apply a light moisturizer on their face and body.

So, what better than a soap with vanilla essential oils to keep your skin uptight and fresh by curing the dryness and dullness. Especially people with sensitive skin types who cannot apply moisturizers with chemicals must try soaps with vanilla essential oils as it is quite gentle and enhances the moisture retention capacity of the skin.

Organic Anti-depressant

If you are looking for an organic anti-depressant, try using vanilla essential oils as they have vanillin, which is a very powerful and proven anti-depressant agent. Depression and anxiety can be the main culprits behind several skin issues, including zits and small bumps.

The mind and body need to be at peace for the skin to glow and appear fresh. So, you can prepare vanilla essential oils for soap and even for intake with a glass of milk or water and see a clear difference for yourself.


Most of the antioxidants are also anti-inflammatory like vanilla essential oils and help repair skin cells that are damaged due to any reason. Topical applications are always extremely helpful in curing skin inflammation.

Inflammatory skin is also responsible for sudden breakouts and redness; however, you can treat both these problems by using soaps and cleansers that have vanilla essential oils.

Even if you have areas with extreme inflammation on your skin, you can use hot vanilla essential oils treatment by infusing other oils like coconut and jojoba oil.

Anti-aging Properties

Aging of the skin is one of the most common skin problems that people struggle with, and they get expensive treatments like Botox, which is temporary and can further cause problems. Even though skin aging is a very normal process, sometimes a person's surroundings and lifestyle choices can speed it up.

But don't worry because you now have our vanilla essential oils recipe so that you can use it to combat age spots and other aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. Vanilla essential oils have beneficial agents like niacin, thiamin, and pantothenic acid that make your skin super youthful and fresh.

Relives Menstruation Pain

Even though we wanted to stick to the skin benefits of vanilla essential oils, we can't help but tell you that it is a great agent to relieve menstruation pain. Women with irregular periods can also intake vanilla oils in small concentrations to boost their estrogen levels, and not many people know that it is a hormone-balancing agent.

Women who have cramps during their period can use the oils as a sedative to relieve themselves from the pain as it is one of the many vanilla essential oils benefits. Overall, vanilla oils help relax the mind and body, treat bloating, and relieve emotional stress and breast tenderness during PMS.

Help with Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can not only destroy the walls of your arteries and blood vessels but can also pose extreme dangers like heart attack and diabetes. And the real major cause behind that increased blood pressure mostly stresses that you can treat using vanilla essential oils.

Vanilla extracts help ease your mind and body muscles, which automatically reduces blood pressure. And the antioxidative properties of vanilla oil make it dilate the arteries. So, you can suggest this natural remedy to lower blood pressure for your friends and family who have such issues.

Are there any negative effects of using Vanilla Essential Oils?

Many people have this query regarding the use of vanilla essential oils, but there are no harmful effects of using it if you are taking it into moderate consideration. However, there are a few things that you need to take care of while taking vanilla essential oils.

The first thing is to use a safe carrier oil like coconut oil with vanilla oil for an infusion. Secondly, if you are trying to buy pure vanilla oil from the market, don't go for the cheap options because it is expensive for real.

Also, if you're getting it for a low price, it's not pure and can cause problems. The reason is that such products have synthetic vanillin produced in the laboratory, which is not as effective as pure vanilla. The best solution to make it cost-effective is to use our recipe to make vanilla essential oils for yourself.

Vanilla essential oils are not for everyone to intake or apply to the skin, so we suggest taking a patch test first and seeing if it causes any irritation. Similarly, you can do a smell test and see if you feel any discomfort from intake. Sometimes, we don't feel anything negative at first, but once we consume it, things go South, and, in that case, we must rush to the hospital.

Final Words

Here we want to conclude our article by saying that vanilla essential oils are extremely helpful for calming, cleaning, and relieving skin from bacterial infections or any other issue like acne or discoloration, etc. Many commercial and domestic industries use vanilla oils in their project manufacturing processes.

However, it is a bit expensive to buy pure vanilla oil, so we hope you will use our recipe to make vanilla essential oils to add to your soap and experience skin transformation.

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