Soap Brows Is The New Trend Taking Over The Internet

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thick soap brows in trend

Over-plucked and sharp thin brows are the old topic to discuss, and now is the time to slay those beautiful thick soap brows. There is much more flexibility with this kind of eyebrow styling. On the other hand, thin brows don't give you the space to try out the different aesthetics. Some people go for specific shapes and maintain the shape and natural look together, while others go for wild, untamed brows.

The first edge of thick eyebrows is that you don't have to panic at any event to get your eyebrows done and to hide those baby hairs coming out for a neat look. Secondly, the natural eyebrow touch that comes with soap brows makes it superior to other methods.

The crazy trend of thick eyebrows feels like a revolution in the beauty industry, and people are not getting over it. Getting laminations done for your brows doesn't give you the margin of trying different looks and is expensive. This new method is the cheapest and is the trendsetter for thick brows. All the Instagram tutorials and Tik Tok reels are flooded with a title plastered there, and that is "soap brows."

What is the soap brow method?

As the internet is flooding with the trend of natural or thick eyebrows, which is not as easy as it seems. Indeed, you don't need to worry about plucking the extra hair before any specific occasion. Plucking eyebrows cause an uneven brow appearance when those extra small hairs start popping out. These should be removed or concealed properly to give a sleek finish. So this latest trend has got us all relaxed in the eyebrow department. People who are not blessed with naturally thick hair opt for tinted brows for a fuller look. The brow lamination method also gives the eyebrows an aesthetic and brushy look.

eyebrow lamination

All these semi-permanent methods cost a lot which is not affordable for many of us. So why not go for a cheaper yet easier and long-lasting method? And that quick fix is soap brows. Yes, you got that right. You can use hand soap to give shape to your brows. The use of soaps for styling and setting the eyebrow hair is the top trend today, giving them a shiny look so they stay longer. A global makeup artist Steve Kassajikian says, "Soap brows give you the look of laminated brows."

What soap is good for soap brows?

Some people have naturally thick eyebrows, while others go for permanent tint or micro blading for a fuller look. Before getting into how soap brows work let's dive into what soaps are best for this brushed eyebrow look.

Using an opaque brow soap is one that leaves a white cast on the brow hair, which looks more awkward when dried out. These soaps also make the hair stubborn, and they do not set at a fixed position. The same goes for the soaps having low pH as they make the brows more flaky and dry. Applying low pH soap directly to your skin and leaving it for a long time can also damage the skin because the dermis around the eye area is a sensitive part, and the products should be chosen accordingly.

Some liquid soaps are also a good choice, provided that the consistency is not too runny to avoid any mess. But transparent soaps like pears are the best choice to go for when it comes to soap brows because they work just like an eyebrow gel and make them look shiny and nourished.

Can I use eyebrow gel instead of soap?

As we all know, eyebrow gel makes the hair strands of your brows stay at the desired position for longer. Using a gel keeps your brows moisturized, but soap brows stay longer than gel brows. You are just using the soap in place of brow gel to give them a perfect laminated look. Using just a little brow gel to moisturize and then setting them with soap can be a good choice, but too much gel and soap do not work together as they are designed for the same purpose.

Is hand soap safe for your eyebrows?

Although the soap brows are cheap and a quick fix to get your brows done at home, there come some downsides. The biggest of all is if they get wet, the soap runs down to your eyes and makes them sting and irritable. Another disadvantage is that it does not go well for people with sensitive skin. For sensitive skins, leaving the soap on for a long time can also damage the skin barrier. Dragging the spoolie aggressively can break the hair strands, and if the amount of soap is more than the required one, it may leave your hair rough and frizzy.

Top products for soap brows

While looking for products to use to get the brows done, one must consider all the possible aspects. You can go for the soaps that do not have very low pH as they can be very drying to your skin. They must contain glycerin or vitamin E and should not leave a white cast on your brow hair.

Following are the top three products that are well-known for their cost-efficiency and cruelty-free properties:

1: Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar (fragrance-free)

A drugstore staple and dermatologist's recommendation. A transparent soap bar is very gentle on the skin and contains glycerin for a nourished and moisturized look. Using a setting spray to dampen the spoolie while using Neutrogena eyebrow soap can make the soap brows stay for a long time.

2.   Pears Soap:

A mainstay of all drugstores and is the first choice of every makeup artist for styling the eyebrows. The waxy texture of the soap holds your eyebrow hair for a long time without setting spray. Being transparent and rich in glycerin makes it perfect for a dewy look.

3.   Soap Brows Kit:

Now you can get the eyebrow soap designed specifically for your brow styling, which is gentle for all skin types. It comes with the spoolie and has more stay power than the normal soap bar.

Things to know before trying soap brows

getting soap brows done

●  Type of soap you are using

Some people think that you can use any soap for your eyebrows to give them a fine finish but choosing the right type for your skin leaves you with the best results without any harm to your skin. Considering the type and composition of the soaps is what matters the most Dermatologically tested soaps should be the option for starters and sensitive skin people. Some soaps leave the skin and eyebrow hair dry and stubborn. It is wiser to buy a glycerin soap. Using liquid soaps is a difficult job, so beauticians always consider bar soap for brow styling.

●   The procedure of applying soap to brows

Applying soap to brows seems very easy and less time-taking, but a little carelessness disturbs the whole look. Like other brow products, which are tinted and may look messy when not applied properly, soap brows need a different kind of care for application. Try not to mess it up with the foundation as it turns into a patchy look after drying. Using the right amount of soap and nourishing them to avoid a flaky appearance can help. Just drag the spoolie brush properly and make sure that every bristle goes through each hair of your brows for a fine finish.

How to do soap brows?

Fill your brows:

The first-ever step for doing the soap brows is to fill in the sparse areas. When you apply the wet soap to your brows, it becomes difficult to fill in those areas with an eyebrow pencil or brow powder because the product doesn't spread evenly and can look messy and uneven when applied to the wet eyebrows. So, just apply a little product to the areas you want to fill in and then spread it later to the other areas to make it more even, natural, and perfect.

Take a brush:

Applying the right amount of soap to your brows and spreading it evenly is the key step. While choosing the spoolie for your brows, make sure that the bristles of the spoolie are soft enough that they don't irritate your eyebrows while dragging it through them, and they can slide easily on the soap bar as well. When the gap between bristle lines is not too big, it gives a thicker look to your eyebrows and doesn't leave them with separated hair strands.

thick brows

Gently apply the product:

For this step, go for a slightly damp spoolie rather than making it wet. A fully wet spoolie can bring lather out of the soap when rubbed on the bar. Just using a little drop of water is more than enough, and make sure that it spreads to every bristle and is damp. You can add just a little petroleum jelly if the skin is not oily and acne-prone to avoid dryness and make the brows moisturized. Drag the spoolie slightly on the soap bar and not rub it vigorously to get the right amount of soap on the spoolie.

Go fuzzy:

Now is the time to give that aesthetic look to eyebrows that you see on social media every other day. Start from the base of your brows and drag it gently towards the diagonal angle, making sure that the product you used for filling spreads evenly and doesn't go off the line. Drag the spoolie at a 45-degree angle at the arch of the eyebrow and then towards the downside. If your eyebrow hair is thick or stubborn, you may need to get the soap again. For a fine finish, just slide the spoolie on the outer in the direction of your brow shape.

Frequent mistakes that people make in soap brows and how to avoid them?

Just like all other trends out there, soaping brows is stealing the beauty industry due to its ease of application. People are now well aware of the basic technique and all the sub techniques of soap brows. Now, I will be discussing some common mistakes people make during brow shaping. By taking these into your consideration, you will be able to boost your stocky brow game. I will be mentioning the suggestions of makeup artists Kramer Shari and Christian Torez.

Before we proceed, I want you to consider a simple rule each time you are brow soaping: Remove old soap residue. The old residues can interfere with the brow soaping, and it's necessary to take them out.

1- Gooey and hard finish

Let's say you are done with your soap brows, and after 2 minutes, you find a tenacious, withered, and stiff look on your brows. It's not a good feeling at all.

The fix

If you have felt any kind of uneasiness while doing the brows, it signals the excess amount of soap usage. Most of the time, the disturbances in your look come because you don't apply the correct quantity. Next time you shape your eyebrows, apply the right quantity of soap and avoid any turnouts.

2- Desiccated or inflexible finish

If, after brow shaping, the look of eyebrows comes out dried and desiccated, then there is a problem with the amount of soap you used, or maybe your brush was not dampened enough.

Use a small quantity of the product and don't soil the moistening step. And if unluckily your brows come out hard, you can easily redo them by using a facial mist.

3- Sticky soap brows

If you often see the damp texture of your brows, then you will probably be applying the excess soap, or you are dewing your brush too much.

Another helpful option is to use face mist on the soap. The soap will be more effective with the spritz. Shari suggests we wait until the product is not too wet.

4- Makeup Smudges – What you did do wrong?

It is not a welcoming thing when you have an eyeshadow fallout. The perfectly-done makeup is now blended with many powdery colors.

The fix

The #1 thing to consider is that you have to apply specific items first. You should do your eyebrows before all other steps. The same is the case with brow soap. The famous beauty expert Shari suggests doing the brow part first and then heading to the remaining things.

5- White residue in soap brows

This error is frequently made by newbie people. Most people complain about getting whitish soap on their brows. When Makeup Artist Shari was asked about her thoughts on the white residue, She said: I often deal with students who have drenched and whitish eyebrows. I advise them to have patience and do it more, so they all become proficient in this technique. Practice is a key thing. Just keep trying, and don't quit after your first attempt.

The fix

It is not compulsory to get white spots; you are making a major mistake. If you have thin and baby-like strands, white spots can be clogged into your eyebrows. Pick a cotton dab to clean out the brows. Popular aesthetician Christian Torez suggests getting the eyebrows cleared by using a moistened brush just after brow styling. This helps in the removal of any white residue.

Now let me give you a tip that can be helpful for you in the future. Always, always pluck unwanted hair above brows. They can be cumbersome to your make-up look. The rough and coarse appearance mostly comes from the tiny hair above the eyebrows.

Is your soap bar pigmented and not crystal clear?

If you just said yes, then take this as the reason for whitish spots. This problem frequently arises by using non-transparent and colored soaps. The #1 solution to this problem is buying a transparent soap. This prevents any white coating over your brows and ensures a smooth brow styling.

But what if you use transparent soaps and still can't avoid the white residues in your brows. Our research says that not using the right amount and consistency can disrupt your brow shaping and create those white spots.

It is always important to check the consistency of soap. With the optimum viscosity, you can do a perfect soap brow. Keep this in mind if your product is damp, you can mop up extra soap. So the quantity is of consequence. Shari Kramer advises us to use a face mist and apply it to the brush booster. If you don't have one, just take the brush under the tap and dampen it. It will serve the same purpose. Care must be taken regarding the amount of water, and excess moisture should be removed.

One more thing to keep in mind is the correct quantity of product. With little differences, your soapy look is affected. Grab the brush and take a minute quantity of soap. Now slowly create your desired shape. The brow booster is a fine makeup tool, and it will work well with a smaller amount of soap, Says Shari.

Pro Tip:

Before applying the product, bend the tool a little to create a better shape and to have fine strokes. In case of any drippy, sticky, and rough look, consider redoing the process with the right amount and consistency. With some practice, you will eventually say goodbye to white residues.

Long-lasting hold of your soap brows

It is frustrating when you can't achieve a stronghold of your brows, even with soaps. Most people have the same issue, and they don't get that settled eyebrow look. No one can deny the reliability of soap brows regarding a sustained hold. You may not believe this, but it is the only eyebrow grooming method that gives results very similar to laminated brows and is quite convenient.

Here are some good tips for having lasting soap brows.

The quantity of product

This step is a necessity. You can't get the brows perfectly styled without applying enough soap. If you wish to make a specific brow shape, then make sure to apply the right quantity of product. You can even redo the step if you don't get the desired shape. And remember to wait for a few minutes before your second application. Let the soap become dry. In this way, soap will retain its long-lasting effect.

Two-way coating

It is a great technique that helps you, particularly when you got stubborn brow hairs. Most people can't achieve the ideal soapy look. The reason can be that your product does not reach to all each and every part of the brow hairs. Shari has suggested using the two-sided coating technique. First, bring your brows down and in an upward direction, or you can go forward and backward spoolie movements. This is effective in creating a stronghold.

The laminated brows

You followed every step mentioned above but couldn't get that ideal look. Now let us tell you another useful piece of advice. 'Do the same process and create any style. Then with a spoolie(you can use your fingers too), do pressing movements in a direction opposite to your skin', Remarked Shari. Make-up Artist Christian also used the same technique. He holds down the skin and lets the product settle on the brows. The effects are really long-lasting.

The right pressure

If you wish to retain that soapy look for a longer time, then must go with this tip. To get some lasting effects, use your finger pressure and keep the brow stay in place for hours. It is not complicated as the pressure will be applied by a brush. Also, you can use your fingers to prevent the brows from losing their hold. Remember, the more pressure, the more retaining-effect of brows. But be careful and don't go so hard on it as it can result in redness on your skin.

The Takeaway:

The best part about the soap brow technique is that it can create as many shapes, and each look is adorable. It is the same as applying makeup. You do it according to your own frame of mind. This amazing technique can help your brow stay bulky, scaly, and fresh the whole day. By now, you have a great knowledge of this aesthetic trend. It's not long since you are an expert in brow shaping. Just remember to follow every step and avoid little mistakes. Happy brow soaping!

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